About Our Programs

Our goal at Lions Pride Coaching is to make you the best you possible through our various coaching programs. Our Life Coaching program helps you to build yourself into the person that you’ve always envisioned by setting and attaining realistic goals and striving for higher accomplishments. While the Training for Warriors program once increased the performance of some of the world’s top athletes, is available for anyone to benefit regardless of their current fitness level! The fun yet challenging workouts are designed to help you develop the strength and fortitude to reach your fitness goals.

Training for Warriors

The Training for warriors system originated as a fitness program created by Martin Rooney for some of the best combat athletes in the world 20 years ago.

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nutrition coaching meal prep

Nutrition Coaching

More often than not, the one thing that stands between most people and their health and wellness goals is none other than their NUTRITION.

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life coaching corporate business people working

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a strategic, goal-oriented approach to facing the many hurdles thrown at a person throughout life’s journey.

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